Welcome to the Handsworth Church

Deacon and Deaconesse



We pride ourselves in serving all aspects of the church maintainace, making sure the church runs smoothly and is in the best condition for services.  All Deacons and Deaconesses have a friendly disposition and are glad to serve where we are able to. We invite you to join us at our church services at Handsworth and hope we can serve you when you arrive.


Duties of Deacons  and Deaconesses involves a wide range of services for the church, including:

Assistance at services and meetings, visitation of members, preparation for baptismal services, assistance at communion service, care of the sick and aiding the poor and unfortunate and care and maintenance of property. The Adventist Church Manual page 77 and 79


Head Deacon and Head Deaconesse at Handsworth SDA Church