Audio-Visual Ministry
is responsible for the setup, maintenance, coordination, and use of the church’s audio, visual, and lighting technology used during local Church services and programmes and for special off-site events. Audio-Visual Ministry supports the Mission and Vision of the Church in establishing and nurturing faithfulness, preparedness and self-sacrificing love.

This Ministry undertakes the following:

Production Operations:
  1. Sound System.
  2. Visuals Projection.
  3. Filming.
  4. Live Service Online Streaming.
  5. Photography.
Media Ministries:
  1. Weekly CD/DVD Production.
  2. Weekly Podcasting Sermons.
  3. Weekly Publishing of Video Sermons on our Church Website.
  4. CD/DVD Packages for our members that our unable to attend church on a long term basis.
  5. Video Editing.
  6. YouTube Channel.

Hearing Difficulties

If you have trouble hearing the service, please see someone in the sound booth about using a personal listening device. Earbuds are available and you are welcome to keep them and use them anytime.